1st ROUND 2022

Gate Travel Expo

Why GTE ?

GTE 2022 (Exhibition & Conference) will be the largest Conference and Trade show in (Asia & Middle East) & Africa.

GTE 2022  will be more important than any other year for tourism promotion through our industry leading travel trade shows in Egypt, for the following reasons:    

There is already a pent-up demand due to disruptions in 2020 & 2021.  Nothing builds confidence in the travel trade buyers as much as your personally meeting them, especially as you expect them and their customers to travel to your destinations.

 Travel markets of Egypt assume additional importance in view of continuing disruptions in many traditional markets.

Typical Egyptian outbound or domestic tourist is on a spending spree, educated, health conscious,  does have or can take health insurance if mandated by destinations. Testing and healthcare facilities of global standards are available in Egypt at a relatively economical price. • Precautionary protocols of Egyptian

Government are one of the toughest in the world, making reopening of travel safe.